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06-07-2020 | Ending Racial Divides

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Unfortunately, Pastor Denise was not able to be with us today as her son came in yesterday and she needed to be with him today. Our focus of the service is on Racism and ways to end it. Pastor Denise shared with me several ways we can help and I will share those in my sermon. After the sermon we will share communion together so please have your bread/cracker/juice/wine ready.



Call to worship
We confess that so much of our standard of living lies on the foundations of a system of slavery. A system that held human life cheap, destroyed families, transported human beings as cargo, and condemned millions to a shortened life of hopeless misery.
Dear God, forgive us, and help us to acknowledge our past. Black lives do matter!
We confess that this system was conveniently accepted as commercial necessity and justified for centuries by religion; that it corrupted and brutalized our fellow citizens as sailors on slave ships or plantation overseers.
Dear God, forgive us, and enable us to find a new solidarity with our brothers and sisters who have a different skin color.
Today, we are faced with a new reality and we must choose to honor one another by speaking up, by changing the system to enable all people of every race, color and ethnic background to feel equal in the eyes of God and America.
May God grant us the courage, strength and willingness to truly make a difference.

Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Scripture: Galatians 3:23-29

Sermon: Ending Racial Divisions




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