Our vision for our future

Prepare the foundation so that Peace Covenant may serve its members and community well into the next decades.

Vision for the Future

Peace Covenant is a vibrant, financially secure congregation with exceptional individual and collective mission to its community. For almost a decade, Pastor Schenk has encouraged, participated in and supported this congregation as we fulfilled those missions. We are in most ways fully reflective of our community. We are cognizant of the challenges we face as our congregation and community ages. We know that each pledging member who moves permanently to the mainland for health care or family connections means we must adjust yet again. Those challenges could be daunting in what is a transient tourist community unlikely to be filled with those actively seeking a permanent church home.

We pro-actively meet those challenges with solutions. We recognize those challenges for what they are and we do not shy away from the tough decisions. At the same time, we also are open to better ways of connecting to the community, ways that will help us grow our membership base and secure the congregation’s success for the future, while sustaining the congregational, community mission culture.

For those of us here today, the mission is clear: Prepare the foundation so that Peace Covenant may serve its members and community well into the next decades.

That task will not be an easy one, given the demographics of the congregation and the community. Traditional approaches will have limited success and new approaches will need sustenance from younger members playing a greater role. Our greatest growth potential will come by a transformation of the current ministry into more modern approaches to worship and ministry.

This congregation is open to those approaches. To succeed, we need more than the vision. We have a pastoral partner who values our successes and our culture, who helps shoulder the tasks as diligently as each member does and who leads us in the work that must come with that vision. And, we need some younger ones and their vision and energy, too.

Come. Help us fulfill that vision.


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Peace Covenant Presbyterian is part of the PCUSA church. We are a mainstream, inclusive congregation.

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