Wedding Policy

Wedding Policy for Peace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Ø      The Pastor of the church may practice discretion as to the commitment to perform a wedding and   all that is entailed in such a service.

Ø      Usually, the Pastor will meet with the couple for a series of counseling sessions, or ensure that such sessions are attended.

Ø      Guest Pastors may   perform such services in the sanctuary or on church property only at the   invitation of the Pastor.  Such invitations need to be requested before contact with the guest preacher is made.

Ø      Usually, the church organist will be invited to play for the service if organ music is desired.

Ø      Scheduling of services needs to be done with awareness of the worship and fellowship needs   of the congregation. It is recommended that such services are not performed on days on or before congregational celebrations such as Easter, community luncheons, etc.

Ø      It is suggested   that the wedding couple attempt to enjoy the already existing beauty of the   sanctuary and/or grounds, enhancing such space with carefully chosen flowers and other decorations. Ribbons and other items may be attached to the ends of  the pews through the use of non-scratching, non- staining, non-damaging methods.

Ø      The use of flower buds (they stain carpet!), the bridal walk cover (people trip on these!) and bird seed (no need to clean the courtyard!) are prohibited. Bubbles may be used outside in the   courtyard.

Ø      If rooms are needed for dressing, the wedding party is expected to arrange for the recovery of items immediately after the service.

Ø      The church does not own candelabra stands. Such use is permitted, providing the carpet and   other surfaces are well protected.

Ø      The following are costs related weddings at Peace Covenant Presbyterian Church

The use of the     sanctuary  (4 hours)donation$300
Maintenance/cleaning     fee$30$60
Organist/soloists     – to be negotiated with musicians
Pastor     honorarium$300

 Ø        Building capacity is approximately 140-170

As Approved by the Session

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