Pastor Daniel’s Sermons

Missed the service? Want to hear and watch Dr. Hagmaier’s message again? We’ll post Pastor Daniel’s video messages each week so you can stay connected. Enjoy the videos!

Pastor Daniel’s video sermons

09-13-2020 | No more Mr. Nice Guy

Dear Church Family and Friends, We hope and pray this service inspires you to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Below is the service and sermon. One of our members asked me to bring back "Let There Be Peace on Earth." We have added it to the service with the words...

Sunset sails on the rocks

09-06-2020 | Leadership 101

Dear Church Family and Friends, Welcome to our worship service this week. We are taking Holy Communion so please have your bread/cracker/juice/wine ready. Below is the video as well for you to follow along. We hope and pray this service inspires you this week to...

Fort Zach Sunset

Pastor’s Weekly Newsletter

Pastor’s weekly newsletter | 09-04-2020

Dear Church Family and Friends, I want to wish you a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend. It feels quite a bit different this year with social distancing and many people avoiding restaurants. I am sure we will see families out on picnics at the...

Pastor’s weekly newsletter | 08-28-2020

Dear church members and friends We were fortunate in Key West to avert a major hurricane this past week but the people in Louisiana and Texas were not so fortunate. Please keep them in your prayers as many of them have lost their homes,...

Sermons in text

After March 17, 2019, Dr. Hagmaier’s sermons are available only in video format. Below are text formats for his earlier sermons.

Life Is a Journey Not a Guided Tour | 2 Samuel 6:1-16, 20-23

March 3, 2019 Life Is a Journey Not a Guided Tour | 2 Samuel 6:1-16, 20-23   These last few weeks of weather up north have been amazing and crazy. I don’t know if you heard this but a few weeks ago there were 7000 cancellations in the country and 3000 delays. At the JFK airport in New York City, a group of travelers were being made to wait for their plane to arrive, which was late due to another flight being canceled. They had been waiting for seven hours. The crowd was becoming irritable and impatient as  time went on and on and on. There was a long line at the ticket counter for...

Friends in High Places | 1 Samuel 17:55-58; 18:1-15; 19:1-4, 9-10

    Friends in High Places | 1 Samuel 17:55-58; 18:1-15; 19:1-4, 9-10   This sermon is about friendship. Sometimes friends do things that irritate u but motivate u to do something extraordinary. In 1901, a senior high school student named Charlie Ross was the teacher's pet. The teacher was a woman named Miss Tillie Brown. An English teacher Young and quite Attractive.  Everyone knew Charlie was Miss Brown's favorite . . . and because Miss Brown was such a popular teacher, it placed a lot of pressure on Charlie. Charlie had to work very hard to defend his title "teacher's...

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