It is exciting to see our membership growing. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the church office. We also encourage our visitors who have a loyalty to their church “at home” to consider joining us as an affiliate member. Know that we appreciate our members, our affiliate members, our regular attendees and new friends just the same- like family! And, in order to keep our house in order, we ask that you contact us if you have any address, phone or email changes. If you are new to our family, please complete the form below.

 Peace Covenant Information Form –

Please fill out this form and forward it to our church office

2610 Flagler Avenue, Key West, FL, 33040  or at


Please list all family members, list Adults and then Children:

NAME:                                                                                                     Birthday:               Grade:


____________________________________________________________       ____________         ___________


____________________________________________________________      ____________          ___________


____________________________________________________________      ____________           ___________


____________________________________________________________     ____________           ___________


____________________________________________________________     ____________           ___________


____________________________________________________________     ____________           ___________



Street _____________________________________________________________________ Apt ____________

City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________


Phone (H): ________________________ Cell: _________________________ Work: ____________________


Email Address(s):____________________________________________________________________________


I/We are: ___ Local resident   ___Military   ___Visitors   ___Seasonal – here from (Dates) ____________________

Our alternate home address: ____________________________________________________________________


City/State: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone: (H) ___________________________________ (C) __________________________________

FAX __________________________________

I wish to receive the monthly newsletter by email: _______ (email address is listed above)

I do not have email but would still like to receive the newsletter by mail at address listed above:_______

I wish to be on the mailing list for the annual Len Millison Outreach Fund Drive: _______

I have transferred my membership to: _______________________________________

Please remove me from your mailing list: ______

Please print this page, complete and return it to the church office or drop it in the offering plate at your earliest convenience.If you have trouble printing this form, you may try copying all, and then pasting it into a document editing program such as Word or Word Perfect. Thank you so much!