Feb ’14 Mission Update



2014 is shaping up to be and exciting year for Peace Covenant in our expanding Mission program. We are building on our successes of the past and trying out some new ideas for the year. In the last two years Peace has reestablished a tradition of going outside of our doors to bring God’s message and helping hands to others in the world. Peace sponsored eight team members on our first trip to Haiti in 2012 which was a great success, not only for the work done in Haiti, but also because of the life changing experience it provided to the team members. Last year we did our annual Mission Trip to the Jersey shore to help those affected by super storm Sandy. Again those who went were able to not only help others in need but also to experience the rewards gained from stepping outside the box and giving up a week of their lives to do something completely different. We will be showcasing this experience February 9


th after service at our annual Mission Fair.

After discussion and prayer, the mission committee has decided to explore a different option for our efforts this year. Having done international and national trips we are going to have our focus to be “Local” for 2014. We will be asking for members of our congregation to commit to again give up as much as a week of their time to help others. However, this time instead of flying off to faraway places and sleeping on cots, we would be working as a team or teams here in Key West and Monroe County helping others and following Christ’s commands to “Feed my lambs and tend my sheep”.

Our plans begin with having everyone meet at the Fellowship Hall in the morning for coffee, treats and a devotional before setting out on the day’s selected tasks. Lunch would be provided at the church or by brown bag at work sites. Doing the work in teams or groups and meeting daily would allow our members a chance to meet and talk with others who perhaps they only see on Sunday morning. We are trying to structure this so that anyone can participate regardless of age or skills. Opportunities to help would range from helping provide support for lunch time meals, calling and updating schedules for work groups, and working with children, in addition to doing construction.

I would also like you to notice the new addition in the narthex next Sunday. We have not been doing our best job in showcasing the many things Peace does in mission both here and outside Key West. Thanks to my daughter, who loves to do posters and bulletin boards, we now have a new display where members and visitors can see each week what we are and have been doing.

One recent development that we can be especially proud of is that Peace Covenant, in conjunction with our mission partner, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition has just been awarded a $20,000 annual grant from Presbytery. As you may remember last year Peace and FKOC joined together to secure a $134,000 grant for the renovation and rebuilding of four apartment units at FKOC. Together we created two fully ADA accessible permanent units and two units for family housing, both of which are in very short supply in Key West. These units are beautiful and I invite you to go by FKOC’s complex at Poinciana and look at them. You may have seen the newspaper articles about the project. Anyway, FKOC had planned on a HUD grant to fund the operational aspects of caring for the clients in these units but hose funds were eliminated last year. However, God was providing because, not only have we received the funds to help house the families this year , the grant renews for two years and up to three. This will represent Peace Covenant helping to bring in $174,000 to help provide housing for those in need in our community.

As I said we have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. Please come to the Mission Fair to learn more about what we have been doing and please, please mark March 24


th to March 28th as a time for you and your family to participate in our Local Mission efforts.

Thank you for your support in helping us work outside of our doors.

Niels Hubbell Mission Chair