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Getting through the tough days

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Many people have described the last few months as “tough days.” We all have tough days from time to time. Some are worse than others. Like the one the hard hat employee reported when he tried to be helpful. His account actually appeared on a company accident form. Bruised and bandaged, the workman related this experience:

“When I got to the building I found that the hurricane had knocked off some bricks around the top. So I rigged up a beam with a pulley at the top of the building and hoisted up a couple of barrels full of bricks. When I had fixed the damaged area, there were a lot of bricks left over. Then I went to the bottom and began releasing the line. Unfortunately, the barrel of bricks was much heaver than I was and before I knew what was happening the barrel started coming down, jerking me up.

“I decided to hang on since I was too far off the ground by then to jump, and halfway up I met the barrel of bricks coming down fast. I received a hard blow on my shoulder. I then continued to the top, banging my head against the beam and getting my fingers pinched and jammed in the pulley. When the barrel hit the ground hard, it burst its bottom, allowing the bricks to spill out.

“I was now heavier than the barrel. So I started down again at high speed. Halfway down I met the barrel coming up fast and received severe injuries to my shins. When I hit the ground, I landed on the pile of spilled bricks, getting several painful cuts and deep bruises. At this point I must have lost my presence of mind, because I let go of my grip on the line.

“The barrel came down fast, giving me another blow on my head and putting me in the hospital.¬†

“I respectfully request sick leave!”

Now, that is having a really tough day. So how do you handle tough days? Well, we can look to Scripture to guide us. Galatians 6:9 tells us to not lose heart. On tough days, you have to have heart and determination and resiliency. Verse 10 tells us to do good even though we tend to get angry or irritated or pout. Paul goes on to tell us that if we will keep doing good things and act in a positive manner then we will not grow weary in the middle of a tough day.

One day we will look back and remember the tough days in our lives and the grace of God that enabled us to get through it all. May God strengthen and bless you this day and give you the fortitude to keep going no matter how tough the days become.

May the Lord be with you,

Pastor Daniel 

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