A Tale of Two Churches Becoming One…

Forty years ago, two groups of people began a discussion that was challenging in many ways. In the years before, a third Presbyterian Church was begun in Key West as a break away from the established First Presbyterian Church. After a number of years, the groups who had once been one were invited to discuss, in the Spirit of faithfulness to the Gospel and practice of good stewardship, to become one again.  Many weeks later, the result became alive in the formation of a new church named Peace Covenant Presbyterian Church; a name that reflects the reconciliation and new spirit that was nurtured between two groups.  From the roots of two churches, one dedicated to being a light to the nations, and a presence of God’s love, in Key West was born.

Over the years, the congregation of Peace Covenant has been known as people who prayed for others, who extended a helping hand in a variety of ways, and who would reach out in sacrificial ministry. A pre-school co-op calls the buildings and grounds “home, “ and we are now beginning to bless our “co-op kids” as they go to college!

We are part of the progressive PCUSA, which welcomes everyone as a child of God. We are an inclusive, welcoming congregation for whom diversity matters. Our pastor is Dr. Larry Schenk, known by the congregation and the community for his powerful, Bible-based, action-directed sermons.

In these days, the congregation continues to enjoy the influx of many seasonal friends, the participation of military families, and the steadfastness of the permanent residents, some of whom are multi-generational “Conchs!”  The congregation finds itself experiencing the wonders and struggles of transition as these folks are embraced into the community, bringing different life and church experiences, and as the dynamics of Key West twist and turn.

The congregation has entered as well a “Season of Discovery,” a time of intentional work that helps the congregation discover God’s preferable plan for the future.

Although this church was forced into this intense time of transition, and the deaths of not only a beloved pastor, Len Millison in 2007 and other members and friends have created a feeling of great loss, there is an atmosphere of peace and joy present among the members. This spirit is experienced among people as they worship, serve and fellowship together. It is a sacred spirit that strongly lingers in the sanctuary, for people often comment on the serenity they experience in that special space.

Today, the congregation looks forward to discovering the need that God wants to be fulfilled.