JULY 2015

On Sunday, June 21, our congregation prayed this prayer:

We pray for the Emanuel AME Church of Charleston, SC and for the families and loved ones of the victims of the unspeakable crime which took place on Wednesday, June 17. We raise up the names of the victims and ask that their collective 505 years of living will help keep alive our motivation to bring about positive change that cannot be taken away.

The Rev. Clementa Pinckney, 41

Cynthia Hurd, 54

The Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45

Tywanza Sanders, 26

Ethel Lance, 70

Susie Jackson, 87

Depayne Middleton Doctor, 49

The Rev. Daniel Simmons, 74

Myra Thompson, 59

This Sunday, July 5, we will sing together a hymn titled “They Met to Read the Bible” befitting of the message in the sermon with lyrics written by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette about the horrible event which took place in the long-standing and strong Emanuel AME Church and sung to the familiar tune of “Beneath the Cross of Jesus.”
When the hymn came from Presbytery last week, it seemed important to have it be the message for our newsletter this month, to use as a continued prayer.  As the Presbyterian Outlook editor, Jill Duffield, so powerfully wrote:
“We bow our heads remembering our brothers and sisters in Christ whose last earthly act was prayer.”

<if you did not receive the newsletter electronically or by US mail and wish to have a copy of “They Met to Read the Bible” please contact the Church office by phone or e-mail>

The Community at Prayer
Please keep the following in your prayers throughout the month:

Church Family:

We pray for our Session, The Morris/Catena families in the passing of Uncle Jeff Jones, Family and Friends of Phyllis Higgs in her passing, The Ray & Elinor Peters family in the passing of their son, Greg, Marilyn Vander Veen and family in the passing of her brother, Joe Lowe and family of Mary Anne Matchett in her passing, Bill and Laurita Miller and family in the care of Laurita’s mother, Helen, Marie Lones, and Al and Margaret Waynick

Our Missionaries:
Rev. Dan and Elizabeth Turk
Rev. James and Jodi McGill

Our Extended Church Family: Jessica Smith, cousin of Susan Shetzer (Cancer), Jerry Critz and family (Cancer), Steven Riley, nephew of Jake and Elli (Chemotherapy), family and friends of Virginia Altobello in her passing, Amanda Rapier, granddaughter of Virginia Cunningham,  Jennifer Phillips (Cancer Remission), Greg Jones’ father, Bill, Patricia Smith (Injury Recovery), mother of Jeff and Marika Smith, Rev. Dr. Gwen Magby and family in her eye surgery recovery, Sarah Fowler and family in the passing of her mother.  We continue to pray for John and Gwen Haspels in their on-going healing from their attack in Ethiopia on the heels of their retirement.  Also, we pray for the churches and leaders of our presbytery, synod, and our denomination.

Global Concerns: Pray for the military and civilian personnel in harm’s way; Our World Leaders, the victims of natural and man-made disasters here and in other countries, and those people affected by financial crises. Also, the crisis in the Middle East.

Local Concerns: Our School Children, Teachers and Administrators. Our homeless people, the military personnel and their families; those who are losing their jobs; those who are seeking employment; our city and county officials and citizens in the midst of change and challenge.

Regarding the Prayer List
In an effort to keep our prayer list as up to date as possible, please let us know when to add new names and concerns; and when it is appropriate to remove a name or concern.

Sharing Your News
Meetings, services, events, announcements, even a job opportunity ~ do you have something you would like included in the monthly newsletter or church bulletin? Please contact the church office at (305) 294-1223 or e-mail Please let us know about the meaningful occasions and needs in your life so that we may share the news with your church family.

Happy Birthday to those born in July
Please wish these fine people a Happy
Birthday when you come in contact with them:

4 Gabriele Ostrowicki
6 Barry Gibson
7 Leah Stockton
9 Finn Monnier
10 Ray Peters
17 Marilyn Small
20 Eli Jannes
21 Dick Shetzer
23 Andrew Crabbs
27 Mary Cintron

If we are missing your birthday, please include it
along with your name on the pew pad
or contact the office.

** A reminder that we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on the first Sunday of the month
with cake and punch **



Wednesday, July 1
7:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Friday, July 3
OFFICE CLOSED (Fourth of July observed)
7:00pm Fellowship Hall reserved
Saturday, July 4
Sunday, July 5
10:00am Adult Sunday School; 11:00am Worship
12:00pm Member Appreciation Punch
Wednesday, July 8
7:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Friday, June 10
7:00pm Fellowship Hall reserved
Sunday, July 12
10:00am Adult Sunday School; 11:00am Worship
Monday, July 13
Wednesday, July 15
7:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Friday, June 17
7:00pm Fellowship Hall reserved
Sunday, July 19
10:00am Adult Sunday School; 11:00am Worship
Wednesday, July 22
7:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Friday, June 24
7:00pm Fellowship Hall reserved
Sunday, July 26
10:00am Adult Sunday School; 11:00am Worship
2¢ a Meal and Food Collections
Wednesday, July 29
7:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Friday, June 31
7:00pm Fellowship Hall reserved


Sermons Available
If you wish for copies of Dr. Schenk’s sermons, please contact the office. Thank you

Financial Update
Copies of Financial Reports are available by calling our Church Office at 305.294.1233 or sending an email to

Monthly Budget goal $ 15,835
June Receipts $ 12,809
Year to Date Receipts $ 93,708
Annual Budget $190,020
Upcoming Member Care Summer Event

Elli says to bring your swimsuit, pool toys and appetite! You can hang by the pool or enjoy their lovely indoor space if condensed air is your thing.
THEIR ADDRESS IS: 1009 17TH ST, Key West Donations appreciated

Lisa Freeman a selected YAV by PCUSA
Peace Covenant is very pleased to be one of Lisa’s Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) sponsors. She was chosen by the PCUSA to serve 1yr in Asheville, NC with Hands-and-Feet for social justice and public health. She’ll also work with local churches. Carol Hankamp asked that we include her this month since many of you know Lisa (a former member of PCPC) and now you can marvel at the notable role model she has become! If you would like more information about Lisa, please contact the office.

Congrats to William Smith and Family
William recently graduated with honors from Key West High School and will be attending Florida State University (FSU). His family just returned from taking him to campus so he’s already jumping in with both feet. He’ll be studying Civil Engineering and is looking forward to being involved in the FSU Soccer Club. William received a Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship for academics as well as several scholarships from local community organizations. Way to go, William, and BEST WISHES!
On June 14th, the Smiths were our prayer family and William was presented a personalized leather Bible as our graduating Senior. After Worship we all celebrated with a festive luncheon by Member Care including a special cake for William.


Meet Key West Reef Relief’s Impressive 2015 Interns
Larry and Karen are happy to be hosting these charming and aspiring young ladies as they energetically teach 25 children each week at Coral Camp about marine life, coral reef ecosystems and more. The learning takes place in their center, the aquarium and in the water!

Danielle “Dani” Dodge is from Arlington, VA and recently graduated from The University of Delaware in Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine Science. Next, she’s headed to Florida Atlantic University for a Masters in Biology, studying Coral Health and Ecology. She enjoys scuba diving and running.

Lindsey Reisz is from Nashville, TN and recently graduated from The University of South Carolina in Marine Science with an emphasis in Biological Oceanography. She hopes to stay in Key West for a year before heading to graduate school next Fall. She likes exercising, reading and exploring whatever city she’s in.

Samantha “Sammy” Shedd is from New Orleans, LA and just completed her
Freshman year at The University of Miami studying Marine Science, Biology and Microbiology. She will continue her education until she has earned her PhD in Marine Biology. She’s into all kinds of arts and crafts and is quite the chef.