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Pastor’s weekly newsletter | 06-05-2020

“God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Dear Church Family and Friends,

We know God heals the brokenhearted but we too are called to help heal those who have been hurt and bind up their wounds. Our country is in turmoil over the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

In response to this major issue of racism, I have invited my friend and colleague, Reverend Denise McLeod, pastor at our sister Bahamian and African American Church here in Key West to join me in a sermon and dialogue together for this week’s service.

We will hear Reverend Denise’s personal experiences as a black family living in America, explore what the Bible has to say about racism and then find ways where we can work together in this fight to stamp out racism. We will also serve communion together with you.

Our Mission Committee invites you to join in our Pentecost Special Offering! Please send your check to Peace Covenant and we will direct it to the appropriate places. Peace Covenant will keep 40% of all the money collected and it will go to help those here in Key West who need it the most. Thank you for your generosity in making a huge difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in Key West.

While we continue to lift up Gerald Walters at home we also want to give thanks for Gerald and Sue who will be celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this coming Thursday, June 11. Gerald is not up for a drive-by so I would like to encourage you to send them a card. Here is the address: Gerald and Sue Walters, 2923 Harris Avenue, Key West, Florida 33040. I have attached two wonderful pictures from their wedding! Thank you God for their wonderful example of love, patience and perseverance. Check out Sue’s glasses, love them!

Last Sunday, our Session discussed thoughts on when we might reopen the church and they have unanimously agreed to keep the church closed until our next meeting on July 19. With so many people pouring back into Key West, we are concerned that the virus may spike so we want to see how things progress in the next several weeks. If you have any thoughts either way, please email me or text me and I will forward the information to our Session.

Our new Secretary/Office Manager, Kylie MacLaren is doing a wonderful job in her first official week by herself. Feel free to stop by with a mask on or give her a call at the church office.

We hope and pray that we can change the course of history with the recent events in our country. God calls each one of us to bind up the wounds and help heal those who are hurt. May God give you the wisdom, courage and strength to make it happen.


Pastor Daniel

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