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Pastor’s weekly newsletter | 08-28-2020

Dear church members and friends

We were fortunate in Key West to avert a major hurricane this past week but the people in Louisiana and Texas were not so fortunate. Please keep them in your prayers as many of them have lost their homes, vehicles, and businesses. Our PCUSA Leadership will be sending money, temporary trailers, and resources to all the hard-hit areas. This money comes from our One Great Hour of Sharing offering at Easter. We have several PCUSA churches in the path of the hurricane that have been affected.

This Sunday our Session will meet again via Zoom and will continue to discuss any possible live services in the next few months. It is hard to believe it will be six months in September since we last met live in the sanctuary!

This Sunday I will be preaching on Nehemiah, chapter 2 and here in this chapter, Nehemiah gives us four ways to be successful in any endeavor whether its rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, the walls of your marriage, the walls of your business or the walls of your faith. He gives us incredible lessons for today. I will revisit Apollo 13 once again as they try and figure out how to fix the lunar module and prevent an incredible tragedy.

Please keep in your prayers Beth Childress and Barry Gibson and all those hit by the hurricane and the continued unrest in America over race and racism. May God give us the strength to love, to build and to be one with all our brothers and sisters regardless of race! May the Lord be with you.

Pastor Daniel

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