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Pastor’s weekly newsletter | 3-13-2020

Good Friday morning everyone,

As you know, the Coronavirus is a serious issue here in our country and around the world. I have been in conversation with our Session regarding the issue and here are some thoughts.

  • First, we do not have any confirmed cases in the Keys.
  • Second, we may limit or suspend the Passing of the Peace and the end of the service greeting at any time and possibly beginning this Sunday. My concern is that if someone were to inadvertently give it to me then I would be passing it to everyone else coming through the line or you may receive it and pass it on to someone unknowingly.
  • We may also adjust the Offertory and have the ushers standing in the back at the end of the service for you to drop your offering in the plate.


If we have to consider suspending services at any point, the Session will make that decision and I would still preach every week and send the sermon via email. I am going to start sending the sermon again to everyone on Sunday afternoon. If you have a cold, or sniffling or slight fever of any kind, please stay home and be safe. We care deeply about everyone in our church and want you to be healthy!

We have ordered lilies for Easter Sunday. If you would like to send in money in honor of or in memory of someone, contact the church office.

The Member Care Committee has asked me to give you a friendly reminder that we do not cook in the Fellowship Hall/Kitchen so please do not bring any cooking pots and leave them in the kitchen. Thank you!

A Congregational Meeting has been called for Sunday, March 22 following the worship service to elect a Pastor Nominating Committee. You have received detailed information in the last email and instructions will be given to the PNC following their selection. Please know that any member can nominate any other member or themselves during this meeting. The Nominating Committee will be bringing a full slate to the congregation.

Our Mission Luncheon was scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 29 and Elder Niels Hubbell has asked us to postpone the gathering to a later date.

This Sunday I will be teaching Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall at 10 a.m. and we continue our series through Genesis with the amazing story of Joseph.

During worship, we will look at another phrase found in the Apostle’s Creed which says Maker of Heaven and Earth. We will take a closer look at the vast creation of the world and the universe and humans.

Have a safe weekend,

Pastor Daniel

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