Dear Church Family,
“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad!” King David wanted us to focus on today. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a possibility but today is the day to rejoice because God made this day for you and for me! There are many days where it is challenging for us to rejoice. Days when we see mass shootings, days when we are facing a personal challenge, days when we want to throw in the towel. I pray that today is a blessed day for you knowing that God is with you and will strengthen you and empower you!
We have a great day planned for Sunday, August 25. It will be Snow Cone Sunday as Claire Hiller will bring the fabulous snow cone machine back to Peace Covenant! Please come and enjoy a cool snow cone in the middle of a hot day.
Beginning in September, we will switch our worship service time back to 11 a.m. so please mark your calendars.
Please keep all our children in your prayers as many of them will head back to school next week. Our Key West Co-op will start their programs next Wednesday! They have completely moved out of the Fellowship Hall and are settled, organized and happy in their new classrooms.
A big thank you so far to all of you who have contributed money or supplies to the Backpacks for Kids Program at Gerald Adams School. We are taking in donations through this Sunday, August 11.
Have a safe and blessed weekend,
Pastor Daniel