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Pastor’s weekly newsletter | June 14, 2019

Good morning Peace Covenant Family,

I want to extend our prayers and sympathy to Linda Cunningham and her family in the passing of her mother, Donna Jean Murphy Grist. She was 91 as she graduated into eternity this past Tuesday and is now reunited with her beloved husband. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks. Here is a link to her obituary with a beautiful picture of her smiling

Don’t forget to order your new hymnals! You can purchase a brand new purple Glory To God hymnal in memory of or in honor of someone special in your life. We will attach the information of who gave the gift with the memorial or honor in front of each hymnal. Please send check and form to Mary Cintron.

This Sunday is Fathers Day and I will be preaching on great ways to be a good father or grandfather or role model to our children. Years ago before he passed away, Tim Russert wrote a letter to his son Luke and gave him some good advice before he went off to college. Here is the letter:

  • Dear Luke, “I want you to know that along the way you’ll hit some hurdles and experience some setbacks. I always will be there for you, as Grandpa was for me. But remember, while you are always, always loved, you are never, never entitled.
  • As Grandpa likes to say, the world doesn’t owe you a favor. You do, however, owe this world something. To live a good and decent and meaningful life would be the ultimate affirmation of Grandpa’s lessons and values.
  • The wisest commencement speech I ever heard was all of fifteen words: “The best exercise of the human heart is reaching down and picking someone else up.” Off you go Luke. I am so very proud to be your father. Study hard. Have fun.
  • Luke, the last thing I need to tell you is, do not, I repeat, do not get a tattoo!” Well, he got one and a year later, Luke came home and Tim asked to look at his arm. Luke rolled up his sleeve and tattooed on his arm were his initials and the initials of his father and grandfather all in one circle. Tim knew his relationship with his son had come full circle. May we come full circle with God our Father as we come together this week.


In case you missed last Sunday’s sermon, here it is:


Have a blessed week enjoying God’s great creation!

Pastor Daniel

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