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Pastor’s Weekly Newsletter | May 10, 2019

Good morning everyone,

I don’t know about you but I am fascinated by the amazing Inca civilization. We know that the Inca culture began somewhere around 850 B.C. We also know they abandoned their cities 2,300 years later but we have no idea why they did so.

We know they split granite blocks, hauled them up and down steep gorges to building sites miles away, and fitted them so tightly without mortar that not even a knife’s edge can be inserted in them.

How they achieved these incredible engineering feats without iron tools, draft animals, or wheeled vehicles we cannot say. We know they ruled a vast empire that could muster armies within days and that they divided their population into twelve age groups, each with specific assignments. We don’t know how they managed this Herculean task without a written language, numerals, or currency.

I find it difficult to grasp the enormity of the Inca culture’s determination and success. I wish we knew more about the motivation behind their incredible work. We only know what we see.

It is the same with God. We know so little about the vastness of our God who not only created us out of dust but formed the universe and this great planet. What we know about God is about the same as fifty cents worth of information out of a billion dollar mine.

God has revealed all that we need to know to trust Him with our lives and our futures. One day we will get all the answers to all of our questions about anything and everything. Until then we have to believe that God is in control of our destiny and will guide us in the right path.

A quick update on the $600 challenge.

The $600 challenge was matched or exceeded or encouraged some to give a little bit more and the end result is we raised $17,217 from the challenge. Thank you!!! This allowed us to wipe out a $22,000 deficit and give us a plus $1800 as we move forward.


Mother’s Day

This Sunday is very important as we celebrate Mother’s Day. I want to wish all our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other women who serve as mothers to someone a very happy day! I will be preaching from John 14 talking about the unconditional love mothers have to give to their children as it relates to God’s love for us.

During Sunday School, we will reflect on the values each person may share in regards to their mothers. If time permits, we will look at the first few verses of Philippians 4.

We are looking for some volunteers who might be willing to change our sign out front once every two weeks. Here’s the good news. You only have to sign up for three months at a time. We get a lot of publicity on our sign from many people here in Key West. If you are interested, contact Doug Brown or myself.

If you missed last Sunday’s sermon on Happy Hour, here it is:


Have a wonderful weekend,

Pastor Daniel

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