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Pastor’s Weekly Newsletter | May 31, 2019

Good morning everyone,
Happy Friday on this last day of May!
This coming Sunday is communion Sunday as we celebrate God’s wonderful gift of Jesus Christ to us. Our time has changed for the worship service to 10 a.m. Our Session will hold its scheduled meeting in my office for the first time after worship. My office has been renovated thanks to Chair of Buildings and Grounds, Doug Brown and his team. The office will be renovated in two weeks and we will forward you some pictures of both offices at that time.
I want to remind you to bring in your One Great Hour of Sharing Fish if you haven’t done so. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this wonderful offering.
The sermon for Sunday is, Guess who’s coming to dinner! The original movie back in 1967 confronted racism as an engaged white woman takes her African-American doctor to meet her parents. Our scripture and sermon in some ways mimic the movie with a man named Simon who invites Jesus to dinner only to have the dinner interrupted by a woman who was a prostitute who provides hospitality to Jesus far greater than Simon, the host. While he looks down on her, Jesus lifts her up and praises her!
In case you missed last Sunday’s sermon on being the light of the world, here it is:
Have a wonderful weekend!
Pastor Daniel

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