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05-10-2020 | Mother’s Day | So Much More

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Our friend and guest preacher approved back in January is Dr. Randy Becker. The order of service is below and the video is right under it so you can click on and follow Dr. Randy as he talks about his wonderful mother and shares a fantastic sermon on appreciation of mothers and all women!

Welcoming Comments – Introduction to the Theme

Opening Music — Bread and Roses

Passing the Peace Spiritually

Call to Worship
One half of the people of the world call out.
We are your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your aunts, your cousins.
Hear us, see us, know we are creations of God, made in the likeness of God.
Honor us for who we are.
We are the generators of life, the bringers of the generations.
We are the nurturers of the hurt and the broken.
We are the dreamers of a peace such that none of our children shall die through violence.
We are the inventors who bring the creative spirit to life in deeds, song, poetry, science and faith.
We are the companions, seeking out the best in those with whom we connect.
We are the makers of home, and astronauts of space, and travelers of pilgrimages.
We are half the soul of the abiding creation.
We are your teachers, your doctors, your Congresswomen, your preachers, and so much more.
One half of the people of the world call out.
And we hear that call in our heart of hearts and the soul of our spirits.

Opening Prayer (Unison)
O source of all life, from whose likeness we have flowed, awaken in us a respect for the women in our lives. Help us understand that they hold up half the heavens, and through them the spark of life is passed into the future. May we be called not just to offer flowers, and candy, and dinners out, but also attitudes or acts of honor for all women. May we see in them, and through them, your likeness of love, creativity, and hope. Amen.

Readings: Mother’s Day Proclamation

Prayer and Prayers of the People


Message: “So Much More”

Hymn: “Bring Many Names” — words are in the video.


Now, may we go forth into the world
More mindful of all of those with whom we share this life.
Bringing honor to those who have nurtured and cared for us.
As a tribute to the divinity in each soul which manifests as love.
And invites us to come, follow.

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We began videoing our pastor's and guest speakers' sermons on March 17, 2019. We will collect them all on their own page, adding one each week. We encourage you to check back frequently to watch as the collection grows.

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