Dear Members and Friends of Peace Covenant,

The work and ministry of the church cannot be accomplished without your support.  We need everyone’s gifts, talents, time, energy, ideas, and involvement.  We need to be good stewards of not only our financial blessings, but of all of God’s resources given to us to accomplish the ministry of PCPC.  Your Session continues to do everything in its power to be fiscally responsible and careful with the monies entrusted to the church to accomplish its ministry.  However, as in other recent years, we continue to fall short of meeting our financial obligations and must expend monies from savings to balance the budget.  We would love to grow financially, numerically, and in our own personal commitment to giving to our church that this would not be an issue, and we believe we can do so with your help.

As you prayerfully consider your pledge or ability to give this year, will you please do what you can to not only increase your giving, but also consider other ways you might give of yourself in service to our church?  In addition, please think about others you know who might benefit from being a part of our church family and invite them to come with you one Sunday.  Even as you consider what or who you might bring to the church, what you can afford to give, and how you might offer more of yourself in service, please look for ways for our church to be more active in our ministry, and in service to our community.  We want to be a faithful witness to God’s calling us into ministry in this place.

You may contact our office for a pledge card.  By completing this card you help the Session plan its programs and budget for the coming year.  Whether or not you pledge, we thank you for everything you give to the church, and for every way you serve the cause of Christ here and elsewhere.  We will dedicate our pledges, as we rededicate ourselves to the work of God in Peace Covenant.

May God bless you and yours in the coming year!

Your Session

Copies of the Church budget and monthly balance sheets are available by contacting the church office at